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From our experience in the plumbing industry, we know just how much bad plumbing can damage your home.  We’ve seen that slow leak or drip turn into a much bigger plumbing problem, we’ve experienced the slow draining sink or toilet turn into a homeowners plumbing nightmare.  The costs of damaged caused by these can easily creep up into the thousands of dollars, and cause you and your family unwanted stress and inconvenience.

We want to keep you and your home safe from damage, so right now we are offering a Free Plumbing Safety & efficiency inspection.  Simply fill in the required fields below, and suggest a date and time that suits you best in the message field.  After you receive a confirmation call from us regarding date and time, we will send one of our qualified licensed plumbers out to your home to carry out the free plumbing safety inspection.  Our technicians will inspect your taps, toilets, and showers, your hot water system, all outdoor plumbing, drains and water pipes.  Even more great news if minor adjustments are needed to improve the efficiency or safety then our technicians will make the adjustments on the spot, Free of Charge.

your plumbing safety inspection includes

  • Free adjustments to improve operational/safety efficiency
  • inspection of taps, toilets and showers
  • hot water system performance and valve safety checks
  • water pipe
  • drains
  • all outdoor plumbing

please read our full terms and conditions below before finalising your booking for this offer.


This offer entitles the bearer to receive a free inspection of their plumbing fixtures with any paid service call.  The inspection is a visual, non intrusive inspection.  Some plumbing issues cannot be seen using this visual method of inspection and therefor the free safety inspection is in no way a guarantee of safe operation of the plumbing system. Allways Plumbing Services accepts no responsibility for the ongoing performance of or problems that may arise with the plumbing system during or after the inspection.  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, redeemable once only.

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